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Nelys the Alchemyst

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Hmmm [16 Apr 2007|10:24am]
I tried keeping myself deleted, but in the end, I'm a sucka. Love you guys!
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[03 Feb 2005|05:57pm]
I wish I could hang out with Cel for a smoke or go hunting with Jadie or even just have my son over. :sigh:
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O_o [27 Aug 2003|11:16am]
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MUAHAHAHAHAHAA [11 Aug 2003|10:01am]
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How appropriate. :licks lips:
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O_o [16 Jul 2003|06:26pm]
This is oddly appropriate:

Happy Deathday!
Your name:nelys
You will die on:Monday, November 17, 2025
You will die of:Gunshot
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Good to know.
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Face it. You all want me. [04 Jul 2003|12:10pm]

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OOC [02 Jul 2003|04:55pm]

So, who wants to do something naughty with me? :smirks wickedly:
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A wonderful fucking time for HIM to decide to come back to me. [02 Jul 2003|04:53pm]
Behold the unholiness:


Jesus fucking Christmas. I don't even know where to begin.
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Since when is "beauty" an emotion? [02 Jul 2003|04:42pm]

You Are Beauty
You are Beauty.

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Hey, Issy !!! I saw you in Matrix: Reloaded!!! :blushes at the memory:
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Scan Me. [28 Jun 2003|09:34pm]
LJ Barcode
LJ username:
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Just for the helluvit- [15 Jun 2003|08:07pm]
Look, Heather !!

wisdom goddess
Goddess of Wisdom. You are very intelligent and
maybe worry too much about your studies. You
love to read.

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OOC NEWS [23 Apr 2003|05:13pm]

I'm sure most have you noticed that Nelys has been quiet for quite some time. Well, I'm going to make her a "deadjournal" for the time being. It's not that I'm never going to update again, but my limited internet access keeps me completely out of the loop, and I'm out of creative ideas for the moment. I'm keeping Nelys up mainly so that some great memories won't disappear forever (a la Cel , Glorfie , and the dearly departed .)

I have also deleted my regular journal, for personal reasons. I'm feeling bitter about my friendships with people right now, and I'm not sure whom I can trust anymore. I have this much to say: Don't get angry with ME for keeping out of touch, when you haven't exactly been making the effort yourself. I'm pretty sure none of my friends even look at my regular journal, anyway. I don't blame you guys for not wanting to keep me in your lives, either. I know at least one of you is angry with me, and I'm not sure about the rest of you, so if you care, let me know. You know where to reach me. And, if you can give me a good reason for keeping this one , perhaps I'll have the motivation to write in it again. That is, if you REALLY want to know how I'm doing.

Well, so long folks, and thanks for all the fish. See you on the flipside.
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An OOC Thought.... [07 Apr 2003|05:10pm]
[ mood | disgusted ]

:clutches cramping stomach:

:wishes the stupid fucker sitting next to her in the computer lab would stop picking his fucking nose and eating it:

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Ha. So there. Told you so. [05 Mar 2003|05:03pm]

I am the number
I am the loneliest number


what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

I always knew it.
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OOC [03 Mar 2003|04:45pm]
I miss you all so much!!! I haven't been Nelys for so long, and I feel kind of homesick, in a weird sort of way. Seeing the Two Towers has made me miss Middle Earth even more. There is a great big aching void in my chest, etc. More poetic blabber, blahblahblah, you get the idea. I miss Celly and Glorfie and Jadie and Denny and Issy and others that left long ago. :weeps: :goes off in a corner and becomes a pathetic,sobbing,blubbering ball of depression:
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Hmm...... [03 Feb 2003|04:42pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Had a pleasant dream about this sexy one , which, therefore, led to me dwelling on thoughts of him all day long. Curse him!!...or something. I feel.....odd, and a little haunted. O_o

Oh yeah, and I've been surfing the fashion sites for new clothes. Filling the void, yaddayadda. :clears throat: Anyway, I need a new dress, and I was thinking of........... this in blue. Whatcha think? I want it but I have no money..........................:(.........BUYITFORMEBUYITFORME!!!!!.

Ahem. Yeah. Now I shall try to relieve my boredom by torturing those orc-thingies in the cellar. Did anyone see my whip lying around?

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I feel the urge to procreate. [27 Jan 2003|05:23pm]
I miss when my baby was still a baby. :sigh: He used to talk to me and play kickball while he was still in my womb, and I would hold him and speak unintelligible baby-talk to him, and I would blow raspberries on his tummy, and I would kiss his pudgy cheeks, and.......you get the idea. I miss being a mommy like that.

I wonder if I could self-impregnate......myself, being a maia and all. O_o On second thought, never mind. It wouldn't be much fun to get pregnant that way, anyway.

Even when I was carrying HIS child, I was just taking the heat for some stupid thing he decided to do. I want a NATURAL experience. I want to experience the joys of motherhood again!!...................................................................................................................................................................................

.......Whatever. Truthfully, I'm just horny, like always. I'm so fucking predictable.
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(OOC) So, I'm alive. [26 Jan 2003|02:22pm]
And quite without internet access. I know you all hate me for keeping away for so long. :sobs: But, I really really am VERY sorry I haven't been around. Things have been fucked up crazy on this end, so I haven't had much of a chance to update. To you , you , you , you , you , and the countless others whose URLS I don't have the energy to type in HTML right now (:phew:), I LOVE YOU ALL, and I will try to be online more consistently, and I will phone you! GINA AND ANDREA I'M SO SORRRRRRRYYYYYYY I'M NOT WORTHYYYYYYYYY and stuff. It's been way too long since I promised to visit, and I should commit ritual suicide for being such a horrible friend. I'm serious, you know. :hugs: Love you (will phone this week, if you ever want to talk to me again). I think of all of you every day, and I will be better about all this in future. :hugs and kisses for all:
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:goes to take a bath: [21 Dec 2002|06:04pm]
:fills tub with steamy hot water, adds scented bubble bath: :disrobes, steps into tub: :sinks and relaxes in the water: :begins to fall asleep; steam fills the room:
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Behold, my glory. Fucking LJ is fucking with me. [09 Dec 2002|07:37pm]

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 450439
Date Created:1/26/02
Number of Posts: 366

Nelys lives in Middle Earth. It all started when she was a semi-innocent elf-luster. She chased after Celeborn (future husband of Glorfie ), who became her best friend, who hated Melkor , who became her mentor/husband, and indirectly impregnated her with this guy (Sin). >:) Later, he left her and crushed her fragile soul, only to return as if to mock her vulnerability. She was paradoxically evil and virtuous, and slew many obnoxious creatures. Through all of this, Jade took care of her. Originally married to Nelys\'s protector , Jade is now married to both Priest of Melkor and his husband . Phew. That\'s the story. Take it or leave it.
Strengths: Having strenghts.
Weaknesses: Having weaknesses.
Special Skills: Zooziness, maiar powers, being incurably reckless.
Weapons: Many. None needed. ;P
Uncategorizable.: HAHAHAAA.

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