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nelys's Journal

Nelys the Alchemyst
21 December
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This is the summary of Nelys's life, although it is dark, probably depressing, and extremely unrefined (grammar and structure-wise):

Nelys lives in Mordor, but she was not born there. Born in a place called the "real world," she stumbled upon Middle Earth in the midst of one of her evil exploits. Nelys has been trained by more than one prominent figure famous for their expertise in the dark arts. It was when she first arrived in Middle Earth that she was drawn to Mordor, and for a time, she lived with Sauron. She soon grew tired of Sauron and left on her own, despite his attachment to her.

Soon after this, Nelys set up home near Mt. Doom. She also found that, despite her attraction to the darkness of Mordor, she was more drawn to the company of the elves, and made friends with Celeborn of Lothlorien. Although the friendship was unlikely, it was fast and strong. Also a close companion and constant guardian, Nelys was frequently accompanied by Jade .

It was soon after this that Nelys met the love of her life, Melkor . She became his evil protege and mistress, and they planned to marry. At the same time, Celeborn fell in love with Glorfindel .

Nelys and Celeborn were (ironically) with child at the same time, and had their individual weddings at about the same time. Unfortunately, for Nelys, the child arrived too soon and grew up too soon. In barely weeks, the child was full grown and left home in Mordor not too long after leaving his mother's womb.

At about this time, Nelys was visited with tradegy as her husband and lover Melkor disappeared into the void forever. Although Melkor returned some time later, he was not the man she had fallen in love with and married.

Now, in sorrow, Nelys finds peace in solitude, having little to do with the rest of the world and those she loves. She sometimes hang-glides from the summit of Mt. Doom or takes pleasure in killing orcs in the surrounding area, but most often, she reflects on the happiness she once had and continues to search for serenity.